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Comprehensive Driving

Gain Independence in Driving and Community Mobility

If an illness or injury has left you unable to drive, the Comprehensive Driving Program at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation will help you get back on the road. Driving and community mobility is one of the primary ways to regain lost independence.

Illness or injuries that can cause driving impairment includes:

The Comprehensive Driving Program assesses a client’s physical, visual/perceptual and cognitive abilities needed for safe driving. The driving evaluation requires the scheduling of two consecutive appointments. The first appointment is for the in-clinic evaluation and the second appointment, when appropriate, is for the on the road evaluation. The evaluation will be performed by a Driver Rehabilitation Therapist who will provide the client with recommendations at the conclusion of all needed assessments.

Education and training may be recommended to assist clients to become independent drivers. The training may be directed toward learning to operate adaptive equipment, correcting bad driving habits or vehicle consultation for appropriate fit for client’s use. If driving is no longer recommended, the program can assist clients and their family in planning for alternative transportation options.

In order to participate in the program the client must obtain a doctor’s referral for OT evaluation/Driver’s Training and have a valid driver’s license/permit. The client also must be seizure free or free of lapses of consciousness due to epilepsy, cardiac syncope, diabetes, or other conditions based on requirements of licensing by the State of Tennessee Department of Safety (or the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state that the client is licensed). The program is not covered by insurance. Costs estimations can be provided but not guaranteed as the cost will vary based on each client’s needs.