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Thank you for visiting Covenant Health online. If you have questions or comments about Covenant Health or any of its affiliated organizations or services, or if you need help finding a physician or medical service, please call 865-541-4500.  Assistants are available Monday through Friday during business hours. Calls received after hours will be returned when the office reopens.

To contact Covenant Health’s medical records office by phone, call the Release of Information Center at 865-374-5269.

Use our online form.

Messages sent via the form below are received by Covenant Health’s Public Relations department. The department does not have access to patient information and cannot make/change appointments or fill prescription requests. Contact your provider directly by phone or on the MyCovenant patient portal regarding your personal medical needs.

We do not release patient information over our website or by phone. Contact a member hospital directly for patient directory information.

If you are sending a comment or question about a specific Covenant Health facility or office, please select the facility name from the drop-down menu and include the facility name in the text of your message. “Billing” and “Medical Records” are also menu options.


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We are committed to improving the quality of life in East Tennessee through better health. In partnership with our generous donors, Covenant’s 10,000+ employees, physicians and volunteers are providing the very best care for our patients and their families.

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