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Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center Patient Apartment

Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center is pleased to offer its patient apartment, recently renovated through the generosity of Clayton Homes and Fort Sanders Foundation.

Apartment Facts

  • The Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center patient apartment is used to ease the transition back to everyday life following serious injury or stroke
  • PNRC is the only rehabilitation center in the area with a rehabilitation apartment for our patients
  • The patient’s treatment team determines if the rehabilitation apartment is a necessary step in the patient’s recovery
  • The apartment allows patients to practice everyday tasks in a safe and supportive setting before moving back home
  • A friend or family member typically accompanies the patient throughout their stay in the apartment
  • The apartment was originally built in 1978 and was last renovated more than 20 years ago
  • The Patricia Neal Rehabilitation apartment is 598 square feet
  • The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and living space
  • Patients typically spend 1 – 2 nights in the apartment
  • An estimated 24 patients stay in the apartment annually
  • The apartment has several adaptable features including easy-turn faucets, drop-down kitchen cabinetry and grab bars

Virtual Tour

Explore the renovated apartment as if you are really there with the virtual tour below.