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Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center Aims High

Posted on June 5, 2020

58 staff certifications and 10 CARF accreditations

Stellar Hospital Staff Holds 58 Certifications

With 58 individual staff certifications and 10 accreditations from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is more than ready to treat the effects of brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke and orthopedic injuries.

The rehabilitation staff includes highly trained professional clinicians experienced in treating specific disabilities and certified in a variety of specialty areas. PNRC encourages staff members to keep learning so they can provide patients with the most advanced, up-to-date care.

Registered nurses, therapists and clinicians who achieve certification in stroke rehab or injuries of the brain and spine maintain their certification through continued education. Some staff members are certified in multiple areas. The high number of accreditations and certifications is a testament to the excellent level of care at the Patricia Neal Rehab Center.

Jennifer Steely, director of clinical services, believes patients and their families can rest assured that no matter what phase of recovery, they will receive the utmost care and clinical expertise at PNRC.

“Rehabilitation is a calling and the staff here are dedicated to their work, which can be seen in their efforts to care for our patients every day,” she says. “Patricia Neal Rehab Center is truly a resource to the community we serve. Our tagline says it best: ‘Restoring Abilities, Rebuilding Lives.’”

PNRC is a recipient of several national awards for patient satisfaction. To learn more about the services offered at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center, visit or call 865-331-3600.

By The Numbers

Pat Neal staff members have achieved 58 certifications, with some employees receiving certification in multiple areas. Here is a list of the number of certifications earned by our staff:

  • (1) Case manager accreditation
  • (1) Assistive technology practitioner certification
  • (2) Beckman oral motor certifications (specialized certification for motor speech disorders)
  • (4) Big and Loud certifications for treatment of Parkinson’s patients
  • (14) Brain injury specialist certifications
  • (4) Case manager certifications
  • (1) PPS coordinator certification (Inpatient Rehabilitation Compliance and outcomes)
  • (2) Professional healthcare quality certifications
  • (8) Rehabilitation registered nurse certifications
  • (1) Stroke rehab specialist certification
  • (3) Vestibular therapist certifications (balance disorders)
  • (1) Wound specialist certification
  • (3) complex decompressive therapy–manual lymphatic drainage certifications
  • (2) Deep pharyngeal neuromuscular stim certifications (swallowing disorders)
  • (2) Modified barium swallow impairment profile certifications
  • (2) Neuro-clinical specialist certifications
  • (1) Neurodevelopment Treatment certification
  • (6) Vital Stim certifications (swallowing disorders)