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The pediatric program at PNRC provides comprehensive treatment for your child after a debilitating injury or extended illness.  Treatment plans are designed to help them regain the greatest amount of independence and enjoy the highest quality of life. Services will include appropriate intervention along a continuum of care that best fits the needs of the patient from inpatient to outpatient with coordination of available community services.

Patients and families are a vital part of the rehabilitation team and must participate with the interdisciplinary team in developing an age appropriate and individualized treatment plan.  All patients are under the constant care of trained staff and a physiatrist, a doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, who with the case manager will coordinate the highly skilled team of professionals.

The environment is designed to facilitate cognitive, physical, educational, psychosocial, spiritual and behavioral needs of the child. Patients in the Pediatric Program are treated with the latest state-of-the-art methods and equipment. Professional staff members are continually updating treatment skills and techniques to incorporate into the most modern treatment.

Before a rehabilitation program is determined, a comprehensive assessment establishes a baseline of physical, social, cognitive, and behavioral functioning. The initial assessment is performed by a clinical team lead by a physician who works with the patient and family to determine the best plan of treatment.