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Rehabilitation Nursing

Rehabilitation nursing is a specialty practice within the nursing field. The nurses at the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center possess the specialized knowledge and clinical skills to meet the comprehensive needs of rehabilitation patients and their families. The rehabilitation nurse recognizes the magnitude of the disruption disability can have on the patient’s physical, social, emotional, economic, and vocational status.

Program Components

When a patient is admitted to PNRC, the nurse systematically assesses their functional health patterns and prepares an individualized nursing care plan for the special needs of the patient. This care plan includes:

  • Assessment of health status and management patterns
  • Nutrition and metabolic patterns
  • Elimination patterns
  • Sleep and rest patterns
  • Sexuality and reproductive patterns
  • Cognitive and perceptual patterns
  • Coping patterns and stress tolerance
  • Roles, relationships and responsibilities
  • Values and beliefs system
  • Professional Staff

The rehabilitation nurse is skilled not only in basic nursing care, but specialized in the management of patients who have disabilities. Many of the RN’s at PNRC have completed advanced training and are certified as CRRN’s and CNRN’s, as well as gerontological nursing.