Award Winning Rehabilitation

At Patricia Neal, physical, occupational, recreational, behavioral medicine, and speech language therapists work with rehabilitation physicians to develop individual plans of care for each patient. Meanwhile, rehabilitation nurses work with patients and their families to teach self-care techniques, and to provide education, helping patients restore their abilities and rebuild their lives.

Based on patient satisfaction scores, Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center has been named the #1 rehabilitation center in the nation SIX times.

In 2019, 74% of patients were discharged directly to the community at the end of their PNRC stay.

Numbers don’t lie. The success of PNRC results from comprehensive, team approach to rehabilitation after stroke, brain injury, and spinal cord injury.



Around one-third of the patients at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center are rehabbing after surviving a stroke. Patricia Neal is housed at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, so patients have the comfort of knowing they are in an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center.

At Patricia Neal, stroke survivors will encounter a team approach that rehabs patients through interdisciplinary therapy  in a variety of programs. Our inpatient care can include follow-up therapies with a Home Health care provider, outpatient clinic appointments and  support group gatherings.

Brain Injury

Patients in the Patricia Neal Brain Injury Treatment Program have typically experienced a violent blow to the head; an illness such as encephalitis; or a non-traumatic injury related to loss of oxygen to the brain.

Treatment may include speech, physical and occupational therapy; biofeedback; nutrition counseling; behavioral medicine; recreation therapy and individual plans designed to help brain injury patients live as normal as possible lifestyle.

In addition, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center has received a grant to provide services to individuals with brain injuries and their families.

Spinal Cord Injury

The goal at Patricia Neal is to return patients to the highest degree of function and independence possible. Spinal cord injury and disease therapy involves intense involvement by the patient and family in goal-setting, therapies and evaluation.

At Patricia Neal, you’ll also find an Outpatient Spinal Cord Injury Follow-Up Clinic specifically designed for providing a dedicated service to the unique lifetime needs for those who have sustained a serious spinal cord injury.

Patient Success Stories and Community Involvement