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Specialty Clinics

Specialty clinics are an integral part of the Patricia Neal Outpatient Rehabilitation Program. These services are designed to meet specific needs in addition to the traditional outpatient programs. They are staffed by individuals who have special certifications or training in their areas of expertise. Each program is designed to meet the needs of our patient population.


Patricia Neal Outpatient Clinic

Patricia Neal Outpatient Clinic (PNOC) cares for those patients with diagnosis of CVA (stroke), brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputee, and multiple trauma and assists patients in their return to function in the home and community.

Comprehensive Driving

If an illness or injury has left you unable to drive, the Adaptive Driving Program at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation will help you get back on the road. Driving is one of the primary ways to regain lost independence.

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Clinic

The use of technology to support, enhance and supplement the communication of individuals who are not independent verbal communicators in all situations. This program is for patients who have been diagnosed with a neurological condition and have difficulty communicating verbally.

Balance/Vestibular Program

Balance difficulty can be the result of a combination of aging and medical issues or due to inner ear, i.e., vestibular problems. Functional problems may include difficulty walking safely at a normal pace, going up and down stairs, performing activities of daily living, or dizziness when working, performing household tasks or shopping.

Seating and Mobility Clinic

Seating and mobility evaluations include an assessment of posture, strength, range of motion, skin and mobility as it pertains to the use of wheelchairs and other medical equipment. This information is used in the assessment of appropriate positioning and mobility devices.

Post Concussion Program

Research has shown early intervention following a concussion can significantly reduce the long-term impacts and allow the patient to return to work, school or play safely. Therapists at PNRC provide comprehensive treatment to patients following a concussion.