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ThinkFirst Program

Each year, an estimated 1.7 million persons in the United States sustain a brain injury, and 12,000-20,000 sustain a spinal cord injury. Injury is the leading cause of death and disability among children, teens and young adults. The most frequent causes of these injuries are motor vehicle crashes, violence, falls, sports, and recreation activities. The good news is that most injuries are preventable.

The ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation’s award-winning, evidence based programs are aimed at helping people learn to reduce their risk for injury. Compelling presentations by trained staff from Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center explain how an injury can change a person’s life forever and how important the choices each person makes. The message is simple: Use your mind to protect your body!

Drive safely, buckle up, wear protective sports gear, avoid violence, don’t dive into shallow water, and avoid falls. THINK FIRST!