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ThinkFirst Curricula

The ThinkFirst Tennessee Chapter offers a variety of curricula for kids, youth, and teens:

ThinkFirst for Kids

ThinkFirst for Kids focuses on making an impression on children when they are young. This program is offered to students in first through fifth grade. Topics include:

  • Water safety
  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety
  • Sports and recreational safety
  • Vehicle safety
  • Violence prevention
  • Basic brain and spinal cord anatomy and function

ThinkFirst for Youth

ThinkFirst for Youth focusses on teaching grades 4th through 8th. The curricula is divided into two courses – one focused on teaching grades 4th through 6th and the other for 6th through 8th. Each focusses on age appropriate activities, demonstrations, videos and lessons about injury prevention. Topics include:

  • Vehicle safety
  • Bicycle, roller blade, skateboard, and scooter safety
  • Recreation, playground and sports safety
  • Water safety
  • Brain and spinal cord anatomy and function for each grade level

ThinkFirst for Teens

ThinkFirst for Teens focuses on teaching teenagers and young adults the consequences of poor decisions in motor vehicles and the lifelong effects of a traumatic injury. Areas of focus include:

  • The anatomy and function of the brain and spinal cord and the effects of traumatic injury to themselves and others
  • Consequences of poor actions behind the wheel of a car
  • A Voice for Injury Prevention (VIP) speaker discusses the traumatic injury they experienced and how it could have been prevented.
  • Questions from students and teachers.